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Supporting You in Tough Times

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Who we are:

The Young Carers Project is a free, friendly and professional service, offering support to young people who are caring for a parent or sibling. If you are aged 7-25 and caring for someone with a physical disability, mental health issue, long-term illness or learning difficulty, then our service is here to support you.

What we do:

At the Young Carers Project we offer a wide range of activities to support young carers, including:

  • TRIPS AND ACTIVITIES - we organise all sorts of activities for all ages during the holidays to help you take a break, have fun and meet other young carers.
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT & COUNSELLING - offering one to one emotional support and confidential counselling sessions to help you with any issues you may be facing in your life.
  • EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT - providing support around any issue to do with school, college or training. We also run a weekly Learning Support Club.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT - giving support to parents, where appropriate. We also run regular informal coffee mornings to get together and consult with parents. 
  • MONTHLY BOYS & GIRLS GROUPS - this is just a chance to get together. We pick different activities every time and occasionally we just like to chill!

What we believe:

We believe that young carers play a special role in caring for others, but that often means you have to grow up fast! Caring for someone can sometimes leave you feeling stressed, tired and alone, with little time for yourself and lots of responsibilities.

With all this going on we believe that it is really important that you're able to enjoy yourself and feel a sense of achievement in all that you do. At the Young Carers Project we are committed to providing a friendly and understanding service, supporting you whilst you make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Making the first call:

Anyone can contact Young Carers to find out more information or to make a referral. If you're a young carer and would like to know what kind of support is available then contact the Young Carers Project.

When you get in touch we'll be able to offer you a Young Carers Assessment to let you know what kind of support is available, what activities are happening and also find out what would be helpful for you.

*Please note, we have recently changed our referral process. If you are a parent, professional or a young person/carer and would like to make a referral or want to self refer, then please ask the potential young carer to complete the MACA form and follow our  checklist.

We are making sure that we have your consent when we need to talk to other professionals, please complete the  consent and medical document if you would like to update your details with us.